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Plays Main

Humor, drama, stylized: full-length plays and short plays that illuminate social or political issues, often featuring women characters.



Scripts on New Play Exchange


Theatre Revolution: The Writer's Block, Playwright Cynthia Cooper


First Online with Fran: Cindy Cooper: Seeking Asylum through The Arts


Interview by Sandi Klein on Conversations with Creative Women


Interview with Emily Stametz: A Better Theatre and A Better World


Interview with Lori Raupe: Writing Matters

Plays by Cynthia L. Cooper [Cindy Cooper]

Full-Length Plays

Full-Length Plays that are provocative, poignant, humorous, stage worthy; varying in length from one hour to two or more. Click 'Full-Length' for synopses and production information.
Titles include:

~I Was A Stranger Too

~Silence Not, A Love Story

~Running On Glass
~Stones of Tiananmen
~Strange Light

~Strange Bedfellows
~Words of Choice
~ ... others
See FULL-LENGTH PLAYS for synopses, history and production details.

One-Act and Short Plays

Award-winning one-act and short plays that are pithy, stylish, imaginative, frequently featuring women performers. Click on 'One-Act' for details.
Plays include:
~The Spoken and the Unspoken
~Works of Art
~Saving Grace

~All Databases Are Incomplete
~Smash the Glass
~Sentences and Words
~Olympic Dreams
~At the Train Station in Munich
~Over the Line
~The Accounting Department
~Bend the Arc

~Heaven Scent


~Speaker View, a Zoom play

~Here Lived (Hier Wohnte) - NEW

~The Brief: Ruth Bader Ginsburg - NEW

~The Prize (about Dr. Patricia Bath) - NEW

~ The Match (Anna Seghers) - NEW
~... and others
See ONE-ACT and SHORT PLAYS for synopses, history and production details.

Plays for Young Audiences

Plays that treat young people with respect: entertaining and inspiring. Click 'Young Audiences' to see more.
Titles include:
~Go Girl Go
~Reachin' -- Be Somebody, Be a Star
~Louis Braille musical, co-author , PUBLICATION and ROYALTIES: DRAMATIC PUBLISHING
~This Lady Doesn't Stop New Jersey; 365Women 
~Sor Juana; available on New Play Exchange (NPX)
~Heroes, Firnee, Eye-Five
~The Prize (about Dr. Patricia Bath)
See PLAYS for YOUNG AUDIENCES for synopses, history and production details.

Play Publications

Plays published in 17 volumes. See 'Publications' for more details.

~STRANGE LIGHT Next Stage Press

~WOMEN HEROES Applause Books
~FRONT LINES The New Press
~LOUIS BRAILLE Dramatic Publishing


~AT THE TRAIN STATION IN MUNICH, 'She Persisted,' Short Plays, Applause Books (Rowman & Littlefield)

See PUBLICATIONS for books and links to sales outlets.

Monologues and Sketches

Other things to check out. Click on 'Monologues and More'.
~Comic Sketches
See MONOLOGUES for details.

Playwriting Bio, Awards and Grants, & More

Some background notes. Click on 'Bio & More'.
~Grants and Awards
~Organizations, Associations
~Activities and Articles
See BIO & MORE for details.

News and Happenings

Bits of news. Kind thoughts.

~Sentences and Words, Grosse Point Theatre, Michigan, June 13-15, 2024

~English Lessons, Women, Theatre and the Holocaust, Remember the Women Institute, JCC Manhattan, NYC, May 6, 2024, 7 pm

~The Brief, Celebrating Jewish Women, Jewish Theatre Circle, 14 StY, NYC, March 19, 7 pm

~Swimmingly Yours, Upcoming Publication: Frozen Women, Flowing Thoughts, Venus Theater

~POSTPONED: The Match: Banned Books and Burned Books Webinar, Remember the Women Institute, online, Nov 12

~Townhall, Gender Disparity and Ageism, TRU, Polaris North Studio, 245 W. 29th Street, 4th floor, NYC

~The Match: 'Best Play,' filmed version, Equity Library Theatre, virtual listing

~The Match: W. 53 Library, NYC, live, Aug 12

~Through The Sands of Time, Reading, Montauk Library, Aug 2

~Resource Guide: Women, Theater, and the Holocaust, Fifth Edition (eight plays and one essay, Cynthia L. Cooper)

~The Match, Women, Theatre and the Holocaust, Remember the Women Institute, April 20, 2023, Marlene Mayerson JCC Manhattan

~The Accounting Department, TAFE (Theatre Arts For Everyone). York, PA, March 3-5, 2023

~First Online with Fran: Cindy Cooper: Seeking Asylum through The Arts

~I Was a Stranger Too, The Neighborhood House-Wellstone Center Neighborhood House, St Paul, MN, January 26-29, 2023

~TC Talks Live conversation with Twin Cities JCC on YouTube

~Talk, Limmud, UK by Zoom, Dec 2022

~Panel, Breaking Glass, Lyman Allyn Art Museum, CN, Nov 4 2022

~The Prize (about Dr. Patricia Bath), We [HEART] Women Doctors, Nov.12, 2 pm, Episcopal Actors Guild

~Interview, Lori Raupe, Your Message Matters, WinWinWomen.TV, Oct 31, 2022

~All Databases Are Incomplete, Rutgers University, Remember the Women Institute, Women's Political Caucus of NJ, Oct 27, 2022

~Interview, Writer's Block, Theatre Revolution: Cynthia Cooper, Activism and Theater

~Stones of Tiananmen, Rehearsal for the Truth Festival, Vaclav Havel Literary Foundation, Bohemian National Hall, 321 E. 73rd St., NYC, June 20, 2022, 7:30 pm

~Rimon Foundation Grant, I Was A Stranger Too

~I Was A Stranger Too, Jewish Plays Project, Finalist Selection, Vote

~Women, Theatre and the Holocaust, on Zoom, Remember the Women Institute, April 26, 2022

~All Databases Are Incomplete, Intimate Partner Violence: Art, Education and Advocacy, Remember the Women Institute, Roosevelt House, NYC, April 11, 2022

~The Brief (about Ruth Bader Ginsburg), Multicultural Center, SUNY Purchase, March 25,2022

~The Alchemy of Zoom, Literary Discourse Society, UK Online, Feb 13, 2022

~I Was a Stranger Too, Finalist, Trish Vradenburg Jewish Play Prize, Theatre J

~All Databases Are Incomplete, Moment Gallery, Strongin Collection, 'She's Gone,' Dec 2021

~The Prize (about Dr. Patricia E. Bath), White Mouse Productions, Orlando FL, Nov 19, 2021

~A Better Theatre and a Better World, Find Your Light Podcast and Interview with Emily Stametz

~The Prize (about Dr. Patricia E. Bath), Queens STEM Girls, October 23, 2021

~At the Train Station in Munich, published in 'She Persisted: Ten-Minute Plays by Women Over Forty,' Applause Books/Rowman and Littlefield

~The Brief: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, StatueFest on Stage, Oct. 1, 2021, PRTT Theater, NYC

~StatueFest On Stage, New Shokan Kitchen Island Project, StatueFest On Stage, City Artists Corps Grant

~A Knock on the Door, Five Short Plays by Cindy Cooper, Julia's Reading Room, League of Professional Theatre Women, Sept 17. 2021, 6 pm, at New Perspectives Theatre Co

~Here Lived (Hier wohnte), Center for Family Holocaust Research and Memorials, online

~Strange Light, publication, Next Stage Press

~The Brief: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, June 18, 2021, Put A Woman on A Pedestal

~I Was A Stranger Too, May 15, 2021, Play Readings With Friends (Jon Peacock)

~Here Lived (Hier wohnte), Women, Theater, the Holocaust, April 8, 2021. Remember the Women Institute, Virtual

~All Databases Are Incomplete, April 8, 2021, Pace Women's Justice Center, Virtual

~StatueFest: Put A Woman On A Pedestal, co-writer/coproducer, Mar 19, April 16, May 21, June 18 2021

~The Accounting Department, Wine Box Players online, Mar 18 2021

~Sentences and Words, The Accounting Department and Password, Western Connecticut State University, Dec 9, 2020 8 pm, Virtual

~All Databases Are Incomplete, Artists and Writers Respond to Domestic Violence, performed by Lisa Pelikan, Dec 1, 2020, 2 pm ET, Remember the Women Institute

~Writers Reading, 3G Theater, SF, Sept, online

~Speaker View, a Zoom Play, B Street Theatre New Play Brunch, Sacramento CA

~Password, a Zoom Play, New Circle Theater Co.

~At the Train Station in Munich, in 'She Persisted' planned publication, Applause Books

~Spyglass on AirPlay, podcast and zoomcast/on YouTube

~Determined Women, podcast with Coni Koepfinger/ on YouTube

~Speaker View, A Very Short Zoom Play, New Circle Theatre Co, Reading Series

~I Was A Stranger Too, (excerpt) Theatre Unbound, Mpls MN, March - April 2020 (postponed)

~Over the Line, Honor Roll Playwrights, Theater for the New City, NY, March 25 7 pm (postponed)

~Sentences and Words,Theatre Tuscaloosa w. Shelton Community College, March 2020

~Spyglass, Reading, New Circle Theatre Company, Jan 2020

~10x10 Project, Reading, Isabella Goodwin, Manny Cantor Center, 197 East Broadway Theatre Project, Nov 18, 2019 7 pm NYC

~Book Launch: Short Plays on Reproductive Freedom, Bluestockings Books, Sept 20, 7 pm, NYC

~Reading, What We Bring Forth, Emerge Gallery, Shout Out Saugerties in memory of Susana Meyer

~Book Talk: No Person Above the Law; The Life of of Judge John Sirica ... July 10, 1 pm, Cannon Free Libarary, Delhi NY

~New York State Summer School of the Arts -- Playwriting Class, 2019

~Entrepreneur, The Inferno Project, New Circle Theatre Co. at The Workshop Theatre, NYC, June 6-23

~Bend the Arc, Michael Warren Powell Center, Stonewall event, June 17

~Running On Glass, EgoActus Theatre, Off the Page Series, Torn-Page Salon, NYC, June 10

~The Box, Remember the Women Institute and Congregation Ansche Chesed, 251 West 100th Street NYC, May 23, 2019, 7 pm

~No Person Above the Law: A Novel Based on the Life of Judge John J. Sirica, Mentoris Series, The Barbera Foundation, at Amazon.com, ebook or print

~Casa, 29th Street Rep, SHE PLAYS Festival, Mar 21, 2019, DG Foundation Music Hall

~Heaven Scent, New Circle Theatre Co, Mar 21-24, 2019, Michael Warren Powell Cntr, NYC

~Short Plays on Reproductive Freedom, editor, writer, anthology now available in eBook format

~Running On Glass, Venus Theatre, Laurel, Maryland, Nov - Dec 2018

~Laboratorium, Rising Sun Governor's Island Residency, w/ Ego Actus Theatre and Words of Choice, September, 2018: Living Newspaper Women's Edition 

~Running On Glass, with Stacey Linnartz and Abigail Ramsay, July 17, SUNY Delhi, NYSSSA

~Running On Glass, with Stacey Linnartz and Krystel Lucas, directed by Tasha Gordon-Solmon, June 4, 7:30 pm, Dramatists Guild Foundation Music Hall and June 7, 7:30 pm, New Circle Theatre Co, Michael Powell Cntr
~Works of Art, Firehall Theatre, Niagara Falls, ON Canada, April-May 2018
~The Spoken and the Unspoken, and A Congolese Refugee Lives to Survive, Ronald Feldman Gallery NYC, Apr 15, 2 pm
~Babe, RoverWerks, 365 Women Festival, Plano, TX, Mar 22-31**
~Untold Stories of Jewish Women March 21, 2018: At The Train Station in Munich (10 am); Gretel Bergmann (10 am); The Spoken and the Unspoken (3 pm): Museum of Jewish Heritage (mjhnyc.org), Battery Park, NYC
~The Accounting Department, Feisty Women Festival, Riverside Goddard Center, NYC, March 1, 2018
~Bend the Arc, The UNaugeration, an Evening of American Voices, Jan 29, 2018, Bernie Wohl Cntr, 647 Columbus/W 91 St
~She Plays! Ivy Theatre, 24 Hours of Women for International Women's Voices Day, Unarthodox, January 21, 2018, NYC
~The Spoken and the UnspokenRemember the Women Benefit, Fall 2017
~Bend the Arc, 3GT New Works, San Francisco, Aug 20
~She Plays SUNY Delhi, NYSSSA Program
~Walls, Finalist, Kitchen Dog Theatre Festival
~At the Train Station in Munich, April 26, Remember the Women Institute at the Center for Jewish History, directed by Ludovica Villar-Hauser
~Over the Line, 29th Street Playwrights Collective, The Future is Female, Short Plays, March 22, 7 pm, Goddard Riverside Center, 647 Columbus Ave. NYC
~Fool Me Once, "The Future Is Female Festival," MultiStages Theatre Co., Short Plays, Mar 21 & Mar 23, CAP21, 18 W. 18th St., 6th Fl.
~The Odds, Morning in America: monologues, Feb. 18-19, Primary Stages at The Cherry Lane Theatre
~The Purple Pantsuit & Other Monologues, Reading, EST, 545 W. 52 St.
~The Spoken and the Unspoken, The Actors Temple, NYC

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