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Monologues and Sketches

Other Theatrical Works by Cynthia L. Cooper (Cindy Cooper)


Monologues available for performance:

NEW! "The Box." In 1948, a young Jewish girl (played by an adult) in Queens helps her parents fill a care package for the man who hid them in Poland during the Holocaust, sorting through memories and new understandings along the way. Based on a true story. [15 min, 1 w] May 2019: Remember the Women Institute, Yam Hashoah reading.


NEW! "A Congolese Refugee Lives to Survive." A woman tries to rebuild her life in a new country after suffering unspeakable violence. Based on an interview by HIAS in South Africa. [7 min, 1 w African or African American] An Afternoon of Theatre and Art at the Ronald Feldman Gallery, NYC, Sponsored by Remember the Women Institute, April 15, 2018.


NEW! "Over the Line": Baseball player Mamie Johnson becomes the first professional woman pitcher, throwing in the Negro Leagues even as the teams of all-women players refuse to consider her. [10 min. 1 w]

NEW! "Fool Me Once": A rare woman in the field of magic is convinced to take on an apprentice. [6 min., 1 w] The Future is Female Festival, MultiStages Theatre Co.


Now What? Election 2016 Four one-minute journeys following the 2016 election: "The Purple Pantsuit," "Emergency," "Waking Up," "The Odds". [1 m e/ m or w] EST: 3 @Readings, Jan 2017; The Odds @PrimaryStages, Feb 2017, at The Cherry Lane

"Olympic Dreams": African American runner Wilma Rudolph keeps her eyes on the track -- and much more. [10 min., 1 w] Prized of Accident Theatre Company, 365Women-Charlotte, March 26, 2015; 365Women New York, April 11, 2015, Sheen Center.

"The Note" from "Sisters of Sisters": teen, female; Ginny takes a step of independence, while remembering her sister's solace at a time of need. 3 min. [See Publications, "Monologues for Students Actors II", Roger Ellis, ed.]

"Saving Grace": A woman in a DNA lab takes action when she suspects fellow workers are trying to capitalize on Elvis. 15 min. [See Publications, "Elvis Monologues," LaVonne Mueller, editor.] Read online at Scripts

"Swinging Marilyns": A group of top-tier women baseball players disguise themselves as Marilyn Monroe impersonators doing before-game entertainment and take over the field, singing 'Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend.' 10 min. [See Publications, "Baseball Monologues," LaVonne Mueller, editor.]

"Unchained Melody": A woman entering a Northwest bar sees that chainsaws must be checked, but the buzzing she hears is from the memory of her ex. 3 min. CONTACT for further information.

"Babe": 'She hits better than Babe Ruth,' screamed a surprised Texas boy when Mildred Didrikson wielded a bat and took on the name Babe. 4 min. [See Publications, "Baseball Monologues," LaVonne Mueller, editor.] Also see HOW SHE PLAYED THE GAME, Full-Length Plays. 365 Women Project. RoverWerks 365, Plano TX, March 22-31, 2018.

"Pinhole Camera" from "Strange Light": The camera that Shue inherited from her father is full of memories of their search for the perfect picture. 5 min. CONTATCT for further information. Also see STRANGE LIGHT, Full Length Plays.

"Gretel Bergmann" from "How She Played the Game": Despite rampant anti-Semitism, high-jumper Gretel Bergmann, a German-Jewish woman, earns a spot at the 1936 Nazi Olympics. As a result, the USA reverses an earlier vote, and decides to attend. But once the USA sets sail, Bergmann is summarily eliminated. 10 min. [See Publications, "Crossing Boundaries," edited by Susan Bandy; "More Golden Apples," edited by Sandra Martz; "Women Heroes."] Jewish Women You Should Know, Anne Frank Center USA, 2012, featuring Stacey Linnartz; The Shed, Brooklyn, Mar 2014, featuring Stacey Linnartz; Women, Theatre and the Holocaust, April 13, 2015, Remember the Women, Center for Jewish History, NY, featuring Stacey Linnartz; Untold Stories of Jewish Women, Museum of Jewish Heritage, NYC, April 2018.

"Eleonora Randolph Sears": An adventurous sportswoman, chastized for wearing pants, challenges naysayers of women's abilities. 8 min. [See Publications, "Great Monologues from The Women's Project," edited by Kristin Graham; "Women Heroes" by Applause.] From HOW SHE PLAYED THE GAME, Full-Length Plays.

"Althea Gibson": Shake hands and smash the ball, Althea Gibson tells herself as she enters the tennis courts of Wimbeldon, the first Black person to win the championship. 10 min. [See Publications, "Great Monologues from The Women's Project," edited by Kristin Graham; "Women Heroes." From HOW SHE PLAYED THE GAME, Full-Length Plays.

"Heroes": An American of Middle Eastern descent, delivering messages to the "heroes" wonders why a gang chased him along the way. 7 min. CONTACT for further information.

"Eye-Five": Persuaded by his aunt to take pictures of his life in American, a young man of Middle Eastern descent discovers the universal importance of hands in meditation and spirtuality. 10 min. CONTACT for further information.

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Comic Sketches

Comic sketches of a progressive, political bent:


-Good News On The Hill -- Mike Pence, ruminating with his wife about his future, is confronted by a young staffer. [3 -- 1 m, 2 w.]

-Snicker Factor {American Place Theatre, NY; Writer's Voice, NY; dir. Suzanne Bennett & Liz Diamond) including Powerful Women; HOTTIP; Make A Better World.

-Mosaic Jewels, NY (Don't Tell Mama's, elsewhere,dir. Cece Antoinette) including O-004; GOP Diversity.

-Primary Stages, NY (One-Act Plays) A Piece of the Pie American Myths Project.

-Art & Work Ensemble, NY New Friends.

Cynthia L. Cooper
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